Plasma Analytic Solutions




 Žħ ̿ ȣ м   Electrical diagnostic Tool  
 ǽð ö   Real time plasma measurement
  ö  (CF4, SF6, BF3, Cl2, BCl3)   Plasma diagnostics in real processing plasmas
 Tip depo Ȳ
   : Plasma parameter, Surface related parameter (tip or chamber wall surface)  
  : Floating Harmonic Method



 General Langmuir Probe principle

     •  I-V Characteristic Curve
          * Ion, electron densities, electron temperatures from the I-V curve
          * Diagnostics for only non deposition plasma


 Wise Probe : Floating Harmonic Method


     •  Basic principle
            *  Nonlinearity in plasma-sheath characteristics
Te found using the ratio of / 2 of the probe current by applying  the sinusoidal voltage ()
                to the probe though  the blockingcapacitor which holds the DC potential at the floating potential.

                       [Ref]  M. H. Lee, S. H. Jang and C. W. Chung, J. Appl. Phys., 101, 033305 (2007)


       •  Maxwellianelectron distribution & floating condition



 Comparison with Langmuir probes

•  Electron Temperatures @ RF Powers  (Argon 20mTorr)


•  Ion Densities @ RF Powers  (Argon 20mTorr)




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