Plasma Analytic Solutions





 Wise Probe Data

       •  Ar+CF4 Varying mix ratio @ 20mTorr


      •  Ar, O2, CF4 @ 10mTorr by Auto Linear Scanner


     •  Measurement with a coating probe
   *  In order to diagnose processing plasmas (etching or deposition), we need to coat an insulating layer
             on the probe tip as a protection layer.
   * Comparison with a probe with Al2O3 coated (~10um) and a metal probe.
             (Voltage reduction compensation due to the oxide layer impedance.)


 Wise Probe 2D Data

       •  Plasma density @ Ar  with various power  100W 300W



      •  Plasma density @ Ar 6 mTorr with various power


    •  Ion Flux @ various Pressure SiH4


 Wise Langmuir Probe





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